How to find safe sites for online cricket betting

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One of the reasons most gamblers prefer sports betting is because it is determined by actual events. These actual events cannot be rigged or manipulated by the bookie. One form of sports betting that is currently gaining traction is cricket betting. It offers various forms of markets. Gamblers can win bets from a wide variety of markets. The staking process only requires knowledge of the game of cricket and no additional skill.

There are a number of fraudulent cricket betting apps and websites on the internet; here are ways to find safe sites for cricket online betting.

Read Reviews Before Signing Up

This is very important and is the first step towards safe online cricket betting. The aim of reading reviews is to get complete information about the cricket betting sites you want to register. Reviews will give you the following information.

Legitimacy of Cricket Betting Sites

This is very essential for safe gambling. It is through reviews that you can ascertain if certain online cricket betting apps and websites are legitimate or fraudulent. These reviews are usually made by gamblers who have visited these live cricket betting apps and websites to bet on cricket.

The major way to ascertain the legitimacy of any online betting platform is through its license. Online gaming platforms are often licensed by the Malta Gaming Commission, the Gilbraltar Gambling Comission, UK Gambling Commission or Curacao eGaming. A license is a thing to be proud of and cricket bookies will display their licenses. A betting site that does not display its license is most likely not legit.

Market and Market Odds of Betting Sites

The odds offered by bookies on the same markets are never the same. Some are lower, while others are higher. Besides the odd sizes, all online cricket betting platforms do not offer the same markets. There are general markets that all cricket betting online sites offer. Outside these general markets, there are also some specific markets that are peculiar to certain online cricket betting bookies. Reviews are the only way to get this information.

Additional Tips on Cricket Game and Online Cricket Betting

Besides the information stated above, there are many other things to learn from reading reviews. One of such is news updates about cricket games. There are certain last minute changes that can affect the outcome of a cricket game or cricket tournament. With these updates from websites like cricbuzz, gamblers can be informed and avoid making uninformed decisions.

These review sites are often websites or social media platforms. Reviews run by websites also feature their own social media pages to enable players to share their experiences.

Understand the Game of Cricket

How do you play cricket live betting when you do not understand the game of cricket? How do you engage in ipl betting online when you do not understand the format of the IPL tournament? How do you bet on a player to be the top batsman or bowler when you do not know what a batsman or bowler does?

Before you bet on cricket online, ensure you have the basic knowledge of the game of cricket. With time, you should also increase your knowledge and awareness of the game.

Know the Different Markets

The knowledge of cricket is only an entry level requirement to online cricket betting. You have to know the odds. Knowledge of the game of cricket will only enable you stake on general markets. There are certain odds that require some advanced knowledge of online cricket betting tips. One of such is placing spread bets on bet365 or any other betting platform.

Gamblers will not be able to place spread bets if they do not have knowledge of cricket markets. Below are some advanced level cricket markets.

Batsmen Cricket Bets

While top batsman means betting on a particular player, batsmen cricket bets run over a longer course and are more complicated. This type of bet considers the number of runs a batsman will score in a series of events like a full match or over a series. Players also get the opportunity to bet on the number of runs a batsman will score after the first innings.

Run Related Cricket Bets

The run-related bet is also spread out over a series of events. Furthermore, this betting type covers from one batsman to an entire team. It also includes the total number of runs a team will score after a number of overs or in the full match. Players can also bet on the number of runs a team will have scored by the time the next wicket falls.

Supremacy Bets

Supremacy bets are based on the numbers of points won per run or per wicket. It is usually one point per run or ten points per wickets. For example, if bet365 quotes the Indian National Cricket Team and the English National Cricket Team with a supremacy of 10-20 and India beats England by 80 runs.

The market will make up at 80 and a buy of 10 will result in a 600 profit. Thus (80 - 20) x 10 = 600. You would lose if England happens to beat India by two wickets. Thus (-20 - 20) x 10 = 400. You would have lost 400 of the currency you used in pacing that bet.

As shown above, the wagering and outcomes of complex bets are indeed complex. It is therefore important you have independent knowledge of online cricket betting markets before indulging in gambling.

Develop a Strategy and Stick to It

Despite the fact that cricket online gambling is down to luck, there is need to have strategy. One of such strategies involve sticking to what you know. Do not venture into complex betting markets if you do not have knowledge of the best cricket betting tips. Before developing a strategy, equip yourself with the necessary and adequate information. This will help you develop a working strategy.

Developing a strategy is one thing, sticking to it is another. The worst approach to betting is the scatter bomb approach. This approach is like using a shotgun to shoot at an object far away. You will end up wasting your resources. This is the case when you neither have a strategy nor work with a strategy.

Some of the Best Cricket Betting Sites

There is a bountiful amount of cricket betting sites. Modernization has seen most sports bookies offer cricket online betting as a form of betting. Using feedback gotten from players, below are the best cricket betting sites:

  • Bet365
  • Betway
  • 1xBet
  • Melbet
  • Ekbet
  • 10 Jack
  • Leovegas

These measures stated above are the best way to gamble safely. They help gamblers avoid fake sites and reduce gambling risks.