The best online casino software

The best online casino software The best online casino software

If you are wondering how do your favorite online casino games come to live, this article is for you! We are on the verge of uncovering the biggest secret of them all when it comes to online casino games! You can play on less appealing online casino and find the best games and vice-versa. However, in order for an online casino to provide players with the best gaming options, it must use the technological advances of very specific software providers! If you have no idea about what we are talking about, rest assured that we will make sure to explain it all! In fact, below, you will find a ranking of the best software providers in terms of online casino games! If your online casino is powered by one of those then you are at the right place! If not, then we urge you to find the exit and look for another online casino! Alternatively, you can click here and jump to the source of the action straight away.

#1 NetEnt

No matter what online casino guide you trust, they will tell you the exact same thing when it comes to NetEnt: it is the best! Although many players argue that Betsoft is better, we must agree on the fact that NetEnt is the closest to genius there is! Indeed, NetEnt is a Scandinavian online casino software provider that has been nominated several times for its creations! In fact, if you are looking at the biggest hits in terms of slot machines, you will find NetEnt written all over it! However, NetEnt is not only a slot machine specialist, since the software powers many live casino rooms that offer plenty of table games and card games! Therefore, if you are looking for an optimal online casino, then it must be powered by NetEnt!

#2 Betsoft

We have mentioned to you that it is extremely difficult for online casino fanatics to choose between NetEnt and Betsoft. Well, you should know that although people are still tying to figure out whether the hen comes before the egg and vice versa, when it comes to NetEnt and Betsoft we found the answer! Indeed, Betsoft is pretty much the reason why NetEnt exists! Some troubles in Betsoft paradise lead to the creation of NetEnt by former top executives in the company! However, Betsoft did not lose its shine, since it keeps on providing online casinos with tremendous online casino games from slot machines to blackjack tables, poker tables and even lottery games! These are the reasons why Betsoft is our second most favorite online casino software provider!

#3 Ezugi & Evolution Gaming

Have you heard of live casinos, anyone? Well, the concept is simple, since you will be able to play the same exact usual card games, table games and lottery games in the most realistic conditions! Indeed, on live casinos and for all the games listed above, you will be able to play against real time and real life adversaries and dealers! You will be able to communicate with everyone and see yourself as a character sitting at a table with a real life dealer running the show! In order to get the best experience on this amazing gaming concept, we recommend software providers such as Ezugi and Evolution Gaming!